Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Hi all, a quick update: If folks on here could do me the favour of spreading this around all the usual websites, blogs and various places where people may find it of interest, that would be very much appreciated as always!

UPDATE - TUESDAY 5th July 2016:
BIRTHDAY FREEBIES, from now until the weekend....

It's my Birthday this weekend, so to celebrate it I'm turning things round a bit - instead of people giving ME gifts, I will be giving YOU a little something extra if you place an order! For FIVE DAYS ONLY, from today (Tuesday 5th) to Midnight on Sunday 10th, if you place any order for at least £10 worth of goods (excluding shipping) and - this is the important bit - put a brief "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" message in the "comments" field of your order, then I will send you a free extra Birthday Gift packet with your order - mostly the free item(s) will be something relevant to the goods you've ordered, though I may also include the occasional out-of-production or novelty item if I feel like it (nothing naughty from our over-18 ranges, so don't worry about that). The amount of extra free stuff will be proportionate to the size of your order, but the item(s) will be of my choice - those of you who have had our Christmas freebie bags will know the kind of thing!
The offer closes on the dot of midnight on Sunday evening, by UK TIME, so please allow for the time difference if you're outside the UK.
Jon (GZG), 5th July 2016.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Battle Game of the Month: 40 years ago today

Battle Game of the Month: 40 years ago today: Happy Independence Day   to my   American readers. Forty years ago today was the Bicentennial and there was a large international Nav...