Friday, March 1, 2013

The Ganer's Codex: By Ron

After several months of hinting and some false starts, Justus Productions would like to announce our latest project. Jeff and I have been talking about something like this for a while. Back in 2006 to 2009, I wrote for a web site called, and later for Scrye magazine after their publisher bought the web site. Combing that experience with the resources and reputation of Justus Productions, we have launched a new web site that we'd like you to check out.

The Gamer's Codex
It is going to be a one-stop table-top gaming industry news and reviews site. We have a team of great reviewers, some great support from people in the industry and great experience behind the web site itself. We're working on the news side and should have a complete newsfeed up and running on our site very soon. We also have a table-top gaming Kickstarter link index. We ask anyone to submit their Kickstarter links to our index and we'll help promote it.

Our goal once all features are 100% working is to have weekly content – news, reviews and columns. I am now writing a regular series of B-movie reviews from a RPG game master's perspective called B-Move Inspirations. We will also have interviews from industry professionals. I have started by posting past interviews we have had from The Morning Star.

The Gamer's Codex and Justus Productions events will be closely related in that you will see Codex reviewers demoing the games they have reviewed and hopefully over time you will see more and more of that at other events.

Please check it out, like our Facebook page ( and/or join us on Twitter ( We have a Google+ page but unfortunately that's not auto-posting yet.

Thanks and I hope you like!