Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Very Latest Braznovian Terror Weapons

The Emperor's Magister Sir Tully Latest War Machines


  1. Oh Chris,

    In military terms this is called stealing the march...)

  2. I believe these weapons of mass destruction are clearly banned by Protocol 42a of the Gondorian Conventions.

    Ha, yes that's stealing a march and now I really do have to get some war wagon rules together. And some artillery ones.

  3. Gondorian Conventions? We in the north are not familiar with southern periodicals.

    Yes indeed we'll need war wagon, artillery, and siege rules at some point.

  4. Of note the war wagon was made from Super Sculpey and balsa strips with plastic wagon wheels off a 1/72nd scale cannon, the bombard is actually a 15mm piece that fit it
    quite well. Made this (I think) in 1986!

  5. It looked scratch built, that's super cool. I think there are some 1/72 Hussite War Wagons out there. Have to check on that.